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All About Hash: The Hashish Guide
hash guide

While most marijuana users smoke weed, hash is another popular form of cannabis.

Hash is a cannabis concentrate made by compressing the resin or trichomes from marijuana into a solid block. It’s easy to recognize from its appearance- usually a solid brown brick of resin. It’s also known by names like hashish, shish, kif, candy bar, and soap bar.

So why do many people choose hash over bud? There are many reasons. The concentrated CBD and THC content often gives you a more intense high. While it’s generally more expensive per gram, you can get a lot of use out of it as you only need a small amount. It’s also easy to use and you can even make it yourself.

Here is a guide to teach you all about hash, how much it costs, how to smoke it, and even how to make it.

What is hash?

Much like wax or shatter, hash is a concentrated form of cannabis when the resin is separated from the plant. Hash is formed from the compressed trichomes of weed- this is the part which contains terpenes and cannabinoids which give you the medical and psychoactive effects of marijuana. In other words, it’s what makes you high.

Many people prefer cannabis concentrates for a stronger high, and hash is no exception. A lot of THC is packed into hash, so smoking just a little in a pipe or bong can help you quickly get the medical benefits of marijuana and give you a long-lasting buzz.

Hash can come in different forms depending on its texture and how its made, such as bubble hash, rosin, and hash oil. Moroccan Hash and Afghan Hash are the most popular.

Where can I buy hash?

Hash is generally available in all the same places you would find regular marijuana. Many people buy hash from medical dispensaries and, as recreational stores open in October, hash will also be readily available to adults in Canada.


The safest and easiest method is to buy hash online. This allows you to browse products and their descriptions and even see user reviews. Hash is sent safely and discreetly to your door when ordering online.

What are the effects of hash?

Hash contains the same active ingredients as flower products, only in a much more concentrated form. That means that you’ll get the medical perks of CBD and the psychoactive effects of THC, only in a much more potent way.

The high from hash lasts around 3 hours, but this can vary depending on how much you smoke. You only need a little to get a peaceful and relaxation buzz which will reduce stress levels and enhance sensory experience. You can enjoy watching TV and listening to music while feeling relaxed and euphoric.

Is hash stronger than weed?

Yes. While hashish bought on the street will often be less potent, properly made hash contains much more THC than your average joint.

While bud usually contains around 5-15% THC, hash can have up to 40%. That means you’ll feel stronger psychoactive effects and feel them for longer. You can also expect much higher CBD levels.

But don’t be alarmed- if you’re used to smoking weed you can handle hash just fine. Its concentrated form means you only need a little bit to smoke in a pipe or bong or mix with tobacco for a strong but relaxing high.

How much does hash cost?

When compared with flower, hash costs more per gram. However, due to its much higher potency, you can make a gram of hash last for much longer than weed.

For instance, a gram of Moroccan Hash costs around $16.20 – $20 CAD on average from online Canadian retailers. A gram of marijuana is about $6.83 CAD on average, but retailers usually require you to buy at least 3.5 grams.

Although it costs more per gram, it’s easier to buy hash in single gram quantities and make it last just as long as you would an eighth thanks to its high potency.

We currently have some attractive deals on hash, including Moroccan Killer Hash at $16 and Afghani Killer Hash at $12.

How to smoke hash

The texture of hash is quite different from bud, and first time smokers might be confused on how to use it.

smoke hash dab

In order to smoke hash, you’ll need to burn it with a lighter. At high heats, hash crumbles, allowing you to break it apart and put it into a pipe or roll it up the same way you would do with flower.

You only need to smoke a small amount, so it’s ideal for use with a bong, pipe or even a high-temperature vape pen.

Hash doesn’t burn very well on its own, so if you want to smoke it in a joint you’ll need to mix it with tobacco or herbs.

How to make hash

There are various different methods of making hash, some of which yield better products than others.

Finger Hash – This is the result of resin sticking to your hands when handling weed. Rubbing your hands together will mold all of the resin together into a little ball, although this will result in a low-quality hash that’s weak in potency.

Ice Water Hash – Put your marijuana in a jar or with ice and cold water. Alternatively, put it all in a blender and blend. The ice will help separate the trichomes from the flower. Afterward, put the remaining produce in a jar in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Take it out and separate the flower from the rest by putting it through a drainer. Now, put the remaining liquid through a coffee filter for about 30 minutes. You will be left with resin which can be pressed into hash when dry.

Silk Screen Hash – Grinding up your weed and straining it through a silk screen can separate the trichomes, leaving you with kief that you can then form into hash. You can get a Dry Sift Box or Kief Box to make this process simple.

Bubble Hash –  Making bubble hash combines the ice water and silkscreen method. You get a large Bubblebag which lets you put your buds through ice water and filters to result in potent resin. This gives you the purest hash, but it can be time-consuming and tricky.

You can find YouTube tutorials to help with the hash-making process. However, to ensure you get high-quality products, it’s best to simply buy readymade hash.


Hash is a good choice for medical users and especially for recreational users looking for a stronger high. It’s simple to use, lasts a long time, and gives a sustained, enjoyable high. If you’re looking for hash, you can buy it online and get it sent straight to your door.


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