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Buying Legal Weed in Canada 2018
buy legal weed canada 2018

From the 17th of October 2018 onwards, Canadians will be able to buy marijuana in local stores and smoke it legally. Although the laws haven’t gone into full effect yet, many Canadian citizens already buy weed online. Due to laws that state Canada Post can’t interfere or tamper with your mail, getting weed delivered can be done discreetly with no legal repercussions.

Although marijuana will be officially legalized in Canada, there will still be some limitations. Each province can set their own rules and regulations regarding how much weed you can have and where you can use it. For the most part, adults over 19 should have no problem buying and smoking weed, whether it be via a dispensary or mail order marijuana delivery.

Due to the new laws, it’s easy to buy weed and you won’t get in trouble for using it providing you adhere to a few simple rules. Here’s a guide to buying legal weed in Canada.

Where Can I Buy Weed Legally?

Medical marijuana is currently sold in dispensaries as well as online, providing you have a Medical Marijuana Card from the ACMPR.

From October, marijuana will be available in many retail stores to adults 19 years or older (18 years in Quebec and Alberta).

Many people already buy marijuana via online sales. Although legalization hasn’t gone into full effect, mail order marijuana is sent to your door privately. You won’t get in trouble with the law providing you keep it within your private property.

Is It Safe To Buy Weed Online?

Buying marijuana online is actually the safest method. You won’t have to transport it to your home, so there’s no chance of getting caught with it while driving.

Laws state that the Canada Post service and the government can’t interfere with your packages. That means weed will be delivered to your door safely and privately.

You will need to order your marijuana from a trusted seller. FireTHC has a reputation for safe and efficient marijuana delivery. Delivery is guaranteed and if your package doesn’t make it to you, you’re guaranteed your money back.

How Much Weed Can I Legally Buy in Canada?

According to Canada’s Cannabis Act, adults (18-19 years depending on your province) will be able to purchase, possess, and use up to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

The Department of Justice sets limits for other forms of Cannabis. One gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to 1 seed, 0.25 grams of concentrates, 70 grams of liquid (barring concentrates), 15 grams of edibles or 5 grams of fresh cannabis.

You can multiply these values by 30 to get the legal limits. So, for example, you can legally possess up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis or 30 cannabis seeds.

Where Can I Legally Smoke Weed In Canada?

In most provinces, you will only be legally permitted to smoke cannabis in your home or on private property where you have permission. You may need permission from your landlord in some places, such as BC.

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Some provinces will also allow smoking in certain public areas. Quebec will allow public use of marijuana everywhere that tobacco smoking is permitted, except for university campuses. Some public places in Prince Edward Island and Nunavut will have licenses to permit public smoking. Other provinces may follow suit later down the line.

You should never smoke while driving or around children. For the most part, as long as you smoke privately, you will have no run-ins with the law.

How Do Canadian Marijuana Laws Differ By Province?

Although Canada has its own federal marijuana laws, provinces will differ slightly. Most set the legal age to 19, and some have restrictions on certain things such as where you can smoke. Here’s a province-by-province breakdown.

  • Alberta – Must be 18+ years old. Marijuana will be available in online and physical stores. Edibles are illegal to sell.
  • British Columbia – Must be 19+ years old. Marijuana will be available online and in stores. Landlords can ban smoking on their property and smoking is prohibited in cars and near children.
  • Manitoba – Must be 19+ years old. You can buy marijuana from stores and online. Growing your own marijuana is still prohibited. Municipalities can make their own laws on marijuana sales.
  • New Brunswick – Must be 19+ years old. Marijuana will be sold online and in stores run by the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation. Marijuana should only be kept and smoked on private property.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – Must be 19+ years old. Will be sold online and in stores. Growing laws are currently uncertain and you must smoke on private property.
  • Northwest Territories – Must be 19+ years old. Marijuana will be sold by the Northwest Territories Liquor Commission in stores and by mail order. Communities can choose to opt-out of marijuana sales in their area.
  • Nova Scotia – Must be 19+ years old. The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation will sell marijuana in liquor stores and online
  • Nunavut – Must be 19+ years old. You can buy through online vendors- stores might not open until 2019. Growing your own is prohibited. Smoking in public is allowed only in public places with a permit.
  • Ontario – Must be 19+ years old. Weed will be available online and in stores. Smoking will only be allowed on private property.
  • Prince Edward Island – Must be 19+ years old. Marijuana will be sold in stores and online. Some public places will permit smoking.
  • Quebec – Must be 18+ years old. Marijuana will be sold online and in stores. You can smoke weed in public places where tobacco smoking is permitted- except for university campuses.
  • Saskatchewan – Must be 19+ years old. Marijuana will be sold in stores and online. You are only permitted to smoke on private property, and smoking should be restricted around children.
  • Yukon – Must be 19+ years old. Marijuana will be sold in stores and online. Smoking will only be permitted in private residences.


The new laws will allow you to buy and use weed safely and legally in Canada. Although many stores will open, buying online is an easier and safer method for many people.

It’s best to only smoke in private and keep within the generous limit of 30 grams of dried product (or equivalent). Providing you adhere to provincial laws, don’t drive while intoxicated, and don’t smoke in prohibited areas, you will have no legal issues.


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