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Maroccan killer hashash

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Bubble Concentrate Hash

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Afghani killer hashash

Moraccan Killer Hash


Hash, also known as hashish or “grass”, is produced from the compacted trichomes of the cannabis plant. The buds and leaves of the cannabis plant contain a lesser concentration of active ingredients than hashish. THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiol) is the active ingredient in cannabis. The psychoactive effects are similar to marijuana but do differ between types of hashish.

Hashish varies in hardness and flexibility, and softens under high temperatures. Generally, its color is light to dark brown, however, shades of green, black, or ruddy brown are possible. The sticky liquid form of hash oil is either very black or a golden color.

The hashish user’s high, which lasts about three hours, provokes feelings of peace and relaxation, elevates mood, reduces stress, and enhances sensory experience.

Most simply put, ingesting hash will produce a substantially more potent effect than smoking the source flower that it is produced from because it is composed of the trichomes of the flowers or buds of the mature female plant. The trichomes are the resinous tiny hair-like follicles that contain most of the bud’s THC. Thus, hashish is about as pure a concentration of THC as one can find with at least 40% THC compared to the variants of 10% to about 20% THC potency of the bud.

The high that is experienced from hashish is known to be more mentally fine and clear, and depending upon how much is ingested, definitely more intense. It is easy to find oneself laid back on the couch encompassed in a world of thoughts and dreams, but it doesn’t have to be that way if one consumes only a small amount. Small amounts of hash will intensify one’s visual and audio perception along with a brightening of the attitude that can come from appreciating the beauty that one perceives while remaining creatively mobile.